Pinball Machine Repair Dubai - Abu Dhabi

Pinball machine repairs Dubai – Abu Dhabi

We are happy to help if you are outside of the United Kingdom. We have been fixing Pinball machines in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, South of France and Málaga for some years, and are happy to travel to solve your problems.

Our experienced engineer will have all the necessary parts, so most problems can be solved on the first visit, keeping costs at minimum.

    • Replacing rubber rings
    • NVRAM battery eliminator and battery holders
    • Light bulbs
    • Playfield cleaning
    • Microswitches
    • Replacing broken ramps and playfield plastics
    • Flipper rebuild
    • Playfield levelling
    • Broken springs
    • Pinball mods installation
    • DMD Display
    • LED Upgrades

Pinball machine restoration, refurbishment service also available. Including new cabinet decals installation, side rails and lock bar polishing, full playfield rebuild.